Victoria Embankment - Lighting Improvements

Victoria Embankment - Lighting Improvements

Ward: St James's

Streets Affected: Victoria Embankment

Project Type: B&S Projects

Project Overview

The Victoria Embankment River Wall is located on the north bank of the River Thames and was constructed between 1864 and 1870.  The extent of the wall owned and maintained by the City Council stretches between Westminster Bridge and the City Council’s boundary to the east of Temple Place.  The structure is Grade II listed.

Mounted on top of this wall are 49 ornate cast iron ‘sturgeon’ lamp columns.  Suspended on catenaries between these columns are a series of festoon lights.

Periodic inspections have identified that the entire electrical and lighting installation has, over a period of time, deteriorated to the point where essential maintenance works is now required.

Maintaining the City Council's Infrastructure

The refurbishment of the ‘sturgeon’ lanterns and the replacement of the festoon lighting will restore the electrical systems to current standards and result in a reduction in costs in respect of operation and maintenance.

Improving the Street Environment

This scheme will enhance the local area and result in a more attractive riverside walking route.


Works completed

Outline Programme

Works completed in December 2010

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