Arundel Court Section 106

Arundel Court Section 106

Ward: St James's

Streets Affected: Arundel Street, Surrey Street

Project Type: Major Projects

Project Overview

Public realm improvements are planned surrounding the Great Arundel Court Development, commencing in January 2021 including

  • Improved safety through traffic calming raised tables, relocation of existing signals and additional new pedestrian crossing.
  • Comprehensive new lighting design making the area safer at night.
  • Extensive works to the footways including widening, footways will be upgraded to high quality York stone paving.
  • Redistribution of parking for both cars and motorcycles and better consideration for cyclists.
  • Additional trees planted and high-quality York Stone and Granite used throughout to improve the aesthetic of the area.
  • Reversal of Surrey Street to northbound with a cycle contraflow in association with wider Strand Aldwych project also commencing in Jan 2021.
Some single lane and foot path closures / diversions will be necessary to implement these works as outlined below. In the cases of foot way closures, pedestrians will be diverted safely to the opposite side of the street and lane reductions and closures will be phased with works to minimize disruption.  
For further detailed information on this scheme you can also view the WCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways decision below


Design Stage

Outline Programme

Phase 1: 11th Jan - Feb 21
Upgrade of existing footway to Yorkstone, at south east of Arundel Street. Build out of the existing kerb line will require a single lane closure and temporary signals at the junction.

Phase 2: Feb 21- April 21
Footway works south side of Temple place opposite the Arundel Junction and extending to the cabman shelter. Temporary crossing to be installed for passengers leaving Temple Station.

Phase 3: April 21 - May 21
Footway works and extension of existing Taxi bays along Temple place on the south side. Parking bays suspended for taxi's. Two new trees to be installed.

Phase 4: May 21 - Jul 21
Footway upgrades in Yorkstone south west junction of Surrey Street and Temple Place, installation of new tree including buildout. Traffic will be reduced to one lane

Phase 5: Jul 21 - Aug 21
Footway upgrades in Yorkstone to remaining western footway of Surrey Street. In August the one way system in Surrey Street will be reversed to tie in with the Stand Aldwych Project. Cycle contra flow to installed.

Phase 6: Aug 21 - Sep 21
Footway upgrades in Yorkstone to the north-east footway on Surrey Street

Phase 7: Sept 21 - Sep 21
Footway upgrades in Yorkstone to the south-east footway on Surrey Street and installation of new tree at the corner with Temple Place.

Phase 8 Sep 21- Nov 21
Footway upgrades in Yorkstone and construction of build outs in front of the Great Arundel Court development along Temple place including new trees and provision for taxis and cars to pull in / drop off. Loading bays finished in granite setts.

Phase 9: Nov 21- Dec 21
Build out of the kerb at the south west junction in Arundel Street and Temple place, upgrade of the footway in Yorkstone opposite Tweezer Alley.

Phase 10: Dec 21
Remaining west foot way of Arundel St resurfaced, tree planted opposite Tweezers Alley.

Granite tables (2022)
Four raised tables will be installed across the scheme extents. These will be installed in 2022 upon completion of the Great Arundel Court development as they require road closures. A letter will be issued prior to works outlining the key programme dates and impacts.

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